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Happy 1 year Anniversary for our
Aurora Location!!

In the early 1950’s the garage was used to process meat and also taxidermy. Jake (last name unknown) was believed to be the man that purchased the garage and turned it into a creamery serving soft served ice cream. In the late 1950’s Jake expanded the garage making it into a bigger, better place. In the 1960’s Petra Vasquez purchased the Creamery she gave it to the younger son Art, who added a cooler, pinball machines, along with other items. Then Art moved on to other ventures and the Creamery was sold to Lawrence the elder son. The Creamery was a viable business, but wasn’t able to sustain itself or a family of four!! A pot of beans and chile was added to the list of items sold at the Creamery and the rest is history. Ever since then we have been making the world a happier place one burrito at a time.

About the Owner:

 Lawrence and Beatrice, Susana, and Deborah started running the Creamery when it began in 1969. The youngest daughter Loretta was too young to work at that time. When Loretta became of age she too was working with her family. They all work long hard hours and have been dedicated to the Creamery. Lawrence passed away July 25, 2012, Beatrice passed away in 2000 and Susana passed away in 2004. Deborah and Loretta are still running the Creamery today. Deborah has 3 children in which the oldest daughter is the manager for the Creamery, the 2nd daughter is dedicated to the catering and will be managing the newest location, and the younger son is still in school. Loretta has 4 children in which her oldest 2 work in the Creamery and the other 2 are in still in school. Lawrence and Beatrice Rodriguez had 3 children, 7 grand children, and 6 great grand children that will keep the Creamery going for many years to come.